ANNOUNCING: Jake Guinn as Threedee

And now, ladies and gentlemen… I present a man who kicks asses professionally but manages to otherwise be a hilarious, great guy. His name is Jake Guinn, and he’s our VILLAIN, Threedee.


Jake is an Atlanta based Fight Director and Movement Artist. Blending martial movement and kinetic flow arts, Jake is constantly flying back and forth between his own performances and directing scenes for the stage. Most recently, you can see his performance work as a member of On the Fly Productions’ aerial athletes on truTV’s Fake/Off. In Atlanta, he performs with the Imperial Opa Circus and has recently been seen as Nick Carraway in their series of Great Gatsby inspired Cirque Show. He also functions as Director and Coordinator of the The Imperial Opa Circus School.

Jake brings an incredible energy and contagious passion to the role of Threedee, a villain who’s as psychologically troubled as he is physically ridiculous. We’re thrilled to welcome him to the ensemble, and NOT because we know he could put us into a coma if we weren’t.

Not at all.


One thought on “ANNOUNCING: Jake Guinn as Threedee

  1. you couldn’t have picked a better gut Jake is amazing . I had the great pleasure of working with him on Fake off he is a consummate professional tackling every challenge on the show with style and dedication. He is defiantly bound for great things


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