Moonshot the Video Game? You got it.

Picture it. In a few months’ time, you will have just finished watching Moonshot. The credits will be rolling, you’ll be wiping tears of joy from your face, and one intoxicating thought will overcome you…  By Jove, I need more. Fortunately, in this near and perfect future, you will pull out your mobile device and download…


That’s right, we have a new mobile game in development which will tie in to the narrative of the film. The game will give you control over Alan’s Launch Loop, customizing your own vehicle to make a safe trip to the Moon and avoiding all the zany obstacles on the way. The production team has partnered with Crazy Beard Entertainment, an independent game design studio based in Northern Virginia.

The game will be in development for several months and will likely launch in early 2016, so we’ll share updates here as we have them. For now, we’ll pull the curtain back on the opening steps of the process by showing you some of the test renders the team has put together:

About Crazy Beard Entertainment

Crazy Beard’s cofounder Garry Osborne’s first title, Deep Fried Zombies, was released on the Google Play App Store in 2013. The game is a turn based 3D maze game with stunningly rendered zombies and retro game play style similar to the turn based RPG’s of the late 80’s. It was a great way to learn how to bring a game to market.

The company was initially founded by Logan Osborne. During the launch of ChikChik and FacePoP, Crazy Beard Entertainment took one two additional indie friends, Paul as their lead artist and Brian as their composer and sound engineer. Now with the team at four members they set out tackling Crazy Beards third title “Space Joe,” a multiplayer couch co-op fighting adventure game set in a universe where everything runs on coffee! The space ships, weapons, and Space Joe. He is a rough looking space rouge ex-barista (from a coffee chain that “shall not be named”) traveling through the universe battling the evil sentient coffee machine robots for their high caffeine coffee! An early tech demo of Space Joe was shown at AwesomeCon DC 2015 to rave reviews.


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