Wrapped and Recovered

Well, that was fun.

After an intense week of shooting and an equally intense week of recovery via Fallout 4, I’m proud to report on the success of our production.

…and on the annihilation of all raider scum.

So many unfairly talented people came together to make this shoot operate so smoothly and perfectly. From our takeover of the Dupont Underground, to our transformation of an old tobacco factory boiler room into a futuristic auto repair shop, our lighting and production designers milked every drop of production value out of our locations. Our grips crawled into abandoned public bathrooms, through dusty tunnels, and over rotting rooftops. Ross operated fan blades in the shot because we couldn’t find a fan that plugged in. Sparks flew (literally), plastic wrenches shattered, and a room of 25 movie lovers dropped their jaws as Jake Guinn defied Newtonian physics and jumped 10 feet in the air for a fight scene.

I’ve said my personal thank-yous to those who made all of this possible, but publicly I’d like to say: hire these people. Jaime Nudd should be your gaffer. Bob Yoho should design your special effects. Wes Hunt should shoot absolutely everything. Lonnie Martin should be your AD (or producer or director or grip or.. basically just hire him for whatever he wants to do and he will crush it). Watch my credits later and just hire every single person you see.

And as to the cast, there simply could not be a group of more humble, willing, fully engaged actors on this planet. Luvia Petersen, Benny Elledge, and Jake Guinn brought unbelievable weight to their characters while having unmitigated fun, and it will be as contagious on screen as it was on set.

As for me, it was one of my most rewarding creative experiences, and these hard-working folks inspire me. Last weekend I was honored by the Television, Internet, and Video Association (TIVA) at their annual gala with a Silver Peer Award, a great end to several months of occasionally grueling work to get this latest film off the ground. That work is far from over, but with this level of talent behind and in front of the camera I think we’re all gonna walk away happy from this one.

The same cannot be said of any feral ghouls wandering the nuclear wasteland of Fallout 4.


Some stills to whet the appetite:

0OdomDbbwemJRhaY_CEXZdoN4x9QpTeWLEnw-yzK_qQ,oChPB2OjMi2HvrhSO---kp1htx53-8X-EUOE8ZpLoVc,iAUACkJom9jVsrz0WqH1OEL9nHTdnHIn3HAfHn4IW08,0Xx9EJNxLuv80dui7DQ7XsHErTWRAdVOy6503NWVUIE 7aMQ6jb5TJST-OuAxDda-igMPbdVwk7KRXBAmHDvzes,rigwKJhASbkX92wAiBdkr0L9mqD9MPKjHnIh57I9dcs,W3WRgZHFJEgPPOL_EAZp2wh8g5e68GRPPn5-8f5xtD0,qsLwJqAhcbS-bYM65mwoqKDWbAIXyuHssdJWA45Z3Yg Cicc8LP1M91sXhiybSpj0TPkKQtAOeqsqbZzh5bA8mI,m696LEVosksCFj0la7rtPomJG1wjYUuJYGYsmqK7GxU,5VwJZlPi_YY9sGfQXEqfZ-0G8E-iKsQ2mFOKjC_79M0,iPWJKye3G-L1eqlQXbor0MSos9GDEEt8IMIGC1ko1xE dDtMOLwwBRB4S-sKm1-94XRtgghyYsgr--UnfJn2idA,DZGhTGi0Q4DAwVKTHkNZvxgkzqjZaSGK8Y30gZ9CHiY,jkcoybx4fzq4ADZ_sEuwvTIQSmXdFCWD0xYiH0qJ2fg,6TAc8JbpyZ_YSXD46lXepYFhwEyI0KLQY7zQUOYwoXQ 1XcRb0Qr5MWESfvdtcbAdC2aicriM-GTCWOwdGCky18,_ZBq23VpKDnIvQ5y3kZ2i22s7wfm9kzHAWrt-euTk0o,lj03uQn_0AYLMoflHYb16Umdn634ncippoD3pEwvXDA,LfVMGR4HXn9-Bg2VXLeCOgyjSW8jOk960a_vKo9YVEQqoXQP_iZGiCqORXm8M9Ba6-2U4-crZsdGcTOK92T7hU XKkt4d6kua3-h_2FI6hZ_oFBNNw3g0AeSa0tVSUzSGQ,UA2bIZKimaY8I1BUHwa0F7hNVhb6gPHaDPwYuTO23PQ,45sQ3-x4OJc9kD-2a703aiHAu1oIcU4ZPW6iGWLsreg,cBgFrvNr5YEZqQFKKbLxfqUcuXjTEWlhvEpwQMa_Iq0 Y7tV2oDgt6mzj2fhJ0hXFSf7lJ6McPiuNS491VGvzAQ,bJbE3zLNeIhkHy6ApNyvb_mkfDED75xCRPxG40Qp53I,WPahFrNp54cn-e-YwSv8OXK_8khqITph7ftU4LZI8Z0,LfVMGR4HXn9-Bg2VXLeCOgyjSW8jOk960a_vKo9YVEQ




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