Update: Festivals, Comic Cons, & The Space Yeti

What’s going on with Moonshot? Glad you asked!



Moonshot has been officially selected to screen in a number of film festivals in the US and Canada, including Canada Shorts, where it was awarded Best Sci-Fi Film.

This Saturday, January 28, the film will screen in both the Rosebud Film Festival in Arlington, VA and the Vancouver Short Film Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia. If you’re near either of those places, please come see the movie!

You can get tickets for Rosebud here, and tickets for VSFF here.


We’re very excited to be part of the fourth year of Geekfest Film Festival, the world’s largest traveling comic con film festival. Moonshot will screen at several comic cons all over the nation for tens of thousands of people! The first stop on the tour is the Long Beach Comic Expo in Long Beach, CA. You can get tickets here.

Update to Video Game

Moonshot: Quantum Velocity, our mobile game for iOS and Android, has been updated to include a legendary new enemy: the Space Yeti…


In Moonshot: Quantum Velocity, you build and pilot your own Delta 88 through the unforgiving vacuum of space. The game is available for free on Android and iOS.

The Year Ahead

We hope 2017 will be a good year for Moonshot in the festival circuit. There are a few other announcements we’ll make in the coming weeks and months, and hopefully there will be many opportunities to catch Moonshot on the big screen.

Our goal now is to develop a feature film with these characters. A script exists! If you meet film investors in your travels, go ahead and send them our way.

To the Moon!

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