Moonshot: Now Streaming on Amazon

2017 has been an incredible year for Moonshot. We had over two dozen festival screenings, many of which resulted in awards for everything from the screenplay to the editing, from the stellar performances of Luvia, Benny, and Jake to the special effects by Jc Tecklenburg. We even took home a Best of Fest. It’s been a lot of hard work since this project began over two years ago, and I’m very proud (and very relieved) to announce today that Moonshot is now available to stream on Amazon in the US and UK.

Moonshot_Amazon Key Art_1920x1080_with amazon logo

That’s right, you can watch Moonshot right now on your TV, computer, phone, or other magical device if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber (and really, who isn’t? They own us all.) And guess what, even if you’re not on the ‘Zon, you can still stream it for free on their website if you watch an ad in front of it. Not a bad deal!

Spread the word!

In fact, it’s such a good deal that I personally think it’s worth sharing with as many people as possible. If, after watching the film on repeat for hours, you feel the same way… boy have I got an idea for you. You could log in to your favorite social media platform, say your Tweeter Account, The Face Book Website, your Insta, maybe even your Finsta if you’re feelin’ spicy… and just share the heck out of the trailer embedded below this paragraph:


What if you just can’t get enough Moonshot??

Over the last year, we’ve released a few additional pieces of content, so here’s the full collection:

Making Moonshot

A short behind-the-scenes look at the production of Moonshot.

‘Shoot for the Moon’ Music Video

Starring Rob Morrison, here’s a super goofy music video we made for the theme song.

Soundtrack available on Spotify and Apple Music

Featuring an original score by Grand Radio Music Group, and the theme song written by me and my dad!

‘Moonshot: Quantum Velocity’ Mobile Game on iOS and Android

Designed by the cool dudes at Crazy Beard Entertainment.

Is this the end for Moonshot?

Not if I have a say in the matter. Interest in the short film during its festival run has led to new partnerships, and the feature version is being pitched and continues to develop all the time. If you want to see a feature version of the film, the best thing you can do is to help us tell people to watch the short! The more eyeballs we have, the more successful our pitch will be. Getting the feature version made will require a lot of luck, but the hard work continues every day to try to make it happen.

Thank You

To all the people who were a part of this journey: everyone who gave me script notes, the pre-production team that allowed me to be picky about everything, every person who contributed on Indiegogo, the cast and crew who suffered sleepless nights and unclean air, the first rate caterers who also happen to be the people who conceived and reared me, the composers and visual effects artists, the game designers and music engineers, the festival programmers and directors who welcomed our little film into their worlds and shared it with audiences around the country, my beautiful girlfriend who dealt with my endless stress and my insistence that she voice an animated character in the film, and to every single person who ever watched or will watch Moonshot… THANK. YOU.

With this public release, I hope you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. I started this project by trying to say ‘yes’ to every idea, even if it sounded too difficult to achieve. You know… just like Alan and Nova! With any luck I won’t be jettisoning off to a lunar colony any time soon, but in a way I feel like we all got in a rickety ass, low-budget car and went on something of a risky trip. It ain’t perfect (we’ll try again on the next one), but it ended up being a pretty fun ride.



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