October Surprise

It’s debate night, so I thought I’d publicly reveal the content of some of my emails and provide a Moonshot update. No grotesquely sexist locker room banter here! 1. We have a premiere! Moonshot has been selected to the 17th season of the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival’s Vortex. It will screen in Providence on […]

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Gears Of War 4!

Originally posted on Luvia Petersen:
I am happy to announce my involvement in the latest rendition of the celebrated video game, Gears Of War.  Sorry, can’t tell you about the game itself or the characters… what I can tell you is I worked on the motion capture side which was incredibly fun! The people at The…

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Awards, Interviews, and Release Updates

Here are some updates on all things Moonshot: Post Production The movie is days away from being complete. We have an almost-finished screener which we have used for some test screenings and for festival submissions which are currently underway. Awards Moonshot was recognized twice at the 2016 American Visions Awards hosted by American University! We […]

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Wrapped and Recovered

Well, that was fun. After an intense week of shooting and an equally intense week of recovery via Fallout 4, I’m proud to report on the success of our production. So many unfairly talented people came together to make this shoot operate so smoothly and perfectly. From our takeover of the Dupont Underground, to our transformation […]

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Moonshot the Video Game? You got it.

Picture it. In a few months’ time, you will have just finished watching Moonshot. The credits will be rolling, you’ll be wiping tears of joy from your face, and one intoxicating thought will overcome you…  By Jove, I need more. Fortunately, in this near and perfect future, you will pull out your mobile device and download… That’s right, […]

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